Higher Click-through Rate
Photographs with links are more
effective in attracting clicks and
channeling customers to your website.
Regular posting increases participation.
Capture More Attention
A photograph gets more attention that regular, monotonous text updates, bringing about a viral buzz on social media platforms.
Engage Through Mobile
Photo contests engage participants’ networks on the go. Each participant quickly share their photograph to their network for maximum response.
Photo Contest Apps to Engage Through Images

NextBee’s powerful marketing platform lets you easily design, deploy and manage a one-of-a-kind photo contest that perfectly integrates with your brand and inspires your audience. You can also include instant win game technology, which works by selecting a winning period or periods before the giveaway begins and the first person to enter after that time has passed is the winner. Incorporating a sweepstakes like this into your marketing efforts is easy with NextBee's robust platform and dedicated customer service team. With our technology you can adjust and refine all the parameters to create an engaging contest tailored to your goals.

Without any special programming knowledge, our technology lets you control every aspect of your contest - design, entry form configuration, review entries, terms for participation, public or private voting, reward notification and distribution - to create an experience which people can’t wait to engage in and share with their friends, while you collect new leads, expand awareness and drive actions that positively affect the bottom line of your business.

From the start, our committed staff of marketing professionals will work with you to craft a contest unique to your needs. Then, based on your preferences, our design team will build everything needed to get the program up and running without a hitch and deliver comprehensive setup instructions that your team will only need a couple of hours to integrate.

Ensure maximum participation by hosting your contest wherever your fans are. NextBee can integrate a photo contest directly into your main pages to infuse your site with unique content. We can set up branded landing pages where users can quickly fill out an entry form (giving you leads and demographic info) and upload their photos or vote on previous entries. All entries can be held in a queue for you to review before they're published to your site to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations you've set. With our single sign on modules you can allow users to enter using their existing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ accounts.

Build your fan base by hosting your photo contest on Facebook. NextBee open-graph integration allows you to create Fan-Gate pages that detail all the benefits of your contest and allow your users to participate only after they've Liked your brand. Then they can upload photos or vote directly on Facebook - all their activity will be posted to their walls, and their friend's newsfeeds, giving you immediate viral traction for increased engagement.

In addition to increasing engagement and attracting unique content, rewarding people for uploading and voting on images can be used to motivate any number of actions that will positively affect your business. A few of the ways that NextBee's photo-contest software can be leveraged are:

  • Drive Foot Traffic - Asking entrants to upload a photo of themselves in front of or inside your establishment, or having them take a picture of something unique at your store (a clock or water fountain, for example). This is a great incentive for getting new customers through the door.
  • Event Promotion - Increase ticket sales with an enticing prize for the attendee who uploads the best picture of themselves attending, and build momentum for your next event with fun galleries, displaying all the images users uploaded, showing how much fun they had at the last one.
  • Market Research - Get new ideas by asking customers to upload all the creative ways they're using your product, or what features they'd like to see in the future.
Simple Sharing Options

Wouldn't it be nice if the next picture that captivated the internet came from your site? We can't guarantee a viral phenomenon, but NextBee's multitude of easy-to-use sharing options will greatly enhance the probability while bringing a large increase of new leads to your site.

Branded social sharing widgets make it possible for contestants to share the photo they just submitted, and details about the contest, across all of their social profiles with just one click.

You can further motivate sharing by using our referral and incentive modules - offer users an extra entry into the contest, loyalty points, or a discount, or even an instant win prize for every new user they convince to upload a photo. Our system will provide them with a unique link, keep track on their referral activity and notify them with an automatic email when they successfully refer a new user.

Sophisticated Tracking

As your contest grows and the leads and photos come flooding in, NextBee will be diligently tracking all of the activity, giving you valuable insights into your market. Our intuitive user portal lets your view reports by any number of segments:

  • Sharing Activity
  • Social Connections
  • Demographics
  • Referral Channel
  • the list goes on...

Furthermore, if there is ever a specific report you need that isn't in our standard list of reports, simply send a message to your account manager and they'll get it sent out to you right away.

NextBee is relentlessly focused on user experience, customer service and comprehensive reporting because we want nothing more than for your photo contest to be a resounding, ROI positive success that brings monetized reach and brand awareness you can't match anywhere else.

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